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An eagle is a score two strokes below par on a single hole.

Eagles are unusual and mostly seen on par-5s when a player manages to reach the green in two strokes and sink a single putt.

An eagle can also be made on a par-4 but that generally means either driving the green (possible only on short par-4s) or holing out from somewhere on the fairway (very unusual).

Technically, an eagle can be made on a par-3 but that’s usually called a hole-in-one!

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A sacrifice bunt is a play in baseball (or fast-pitch softball) where the batter lays down a bunt with the primary goal being to allow one or more runners already on base to advance.  The team up to bat is willing to have the batter thrown out easily at first base (which he usually is) in order to move up the runner(s).

The sacrifice bunt play is chosen when it is deemed preferable to hitting away and risking a double play or a strikeout/pop-up which result in an out too but fail to advance the runner(s).

It’s called a sacrifice bunt becase the hitter is essentially sacrificing his at-bat for what is likely to be an easy out in order to help the team by advancing the runner(s).

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It’s pretty commonly known that a football (American) field is 100 yards long (Ok, plus two ten-yard end zones). But, how wide is it?

Well, it turns out that a football field is 160 feet wide. That works out to 53 1/3 yards. Don’t ask me why it’s such an odd number of yards. That’s just the way it is.

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